Fotocast v2.2 for iOS is here!

Hello photographers! Fotocast v2.2 for Apple iOS devices is now here and live in the App Store! This update brings it very close to the progress of the Android version, it is now only 1 minor revision behind. Here’s what’s new and changed in Fotocast v2.2:

  • New UI throughout the app with better flow and graphics improvements.
  • Sun + Moon direction tool has a much nicer UI as well, and it also rotates live based on the direction you are facing.
  • Added alerts/notifications for Fotoscore.
  • Added Apple Watch support – see the weather from Fotocast on your wrist!
  • Added sunrise + sunset times to all hourly views.
  • Added moonrise / moonset times to the now tab.
  • Added update checker – Fotocast will now tell you if you are using an old version and need to update.
  • The My Photo Spots tool now works much better, and has many more options.
  • The photo inspiration screen now automatically goes to the correct category based on the current weather and your photography type.
  • The gear database no longer requires you to set a weather category for your gear.
  • Re-arranged the main menu to make more sense, and added a new contact us option.
  • It’s now easier than ever before to contact us or receive support.
  • All times in the app are now 12-hour format instead of 24-hour format.
  • The tips backgrounds are now all correct based on the time of day and current weather condition.
  • The suggested gear from your gear database now displays everything, not just the first item from each category.
  • Fixed a bug where the side arrows on the daylight phases screen were not pointing to the right times.
  • Fixed a bug where the purchase restore functionality was not working for the single purchase option.
  • Fixed a few other miscellaneous bugs and crashes.

To take advantage of all of these new features, download Fotocast for Apple iOS today! Fotocast is the only weather app designed exclusively for outdoor photographers, with weather tools and features you will not find in any other weather app. See what the hype is about today!