a weather forecast app designed just for photographers

Fotocast is revolutionary and powerful real-time hyperlocal weather forecast app tailored for professional photographers. Fotocast has weather info like any other high-rated weather forecast app, but is custom made for photography with many additional photography weather tools you won't find in any other app.



We use hyperlocal weather data from several weather services to give you the most accurate forecast possible.

Photography Suggestions

See helpful photography suggestions and tips based on the current weather.

Sunny 16 Rule

Automatically get camera setting recommendations based on the “Sunny 16” rule for your current weather conditions.

Sunrise + Sunset Quality

Powered by SunsetWx, get a quality prediction for today’s sunrise or sunset. Know if the sky will be beautiful at that magic hour before you even leave the house!

Golden Hour + Blue Hour

See the times for all of the important natural light phases for any date and location. First light, blue hour, golden hour, sunrise, high noon, sunset, nightfall, and more!


See amazing photos from other photographers based on weather conditions for some quick inspiration! This handy tool automatically shows relevant photos based on your photographer type and current weather conditions.

Sun + Moon Direction Tool

Always know what direction the Sun or Moon will be in at time, for any place!

Gear Database

Save all of your camera equipment and gear into a database, and even configure what weather conditions you need each item for!

Mileage Recorder

Log your photo session distance traveled while on the go so you can save it to your computer later for book-keeping/accounting purposes.

Multiple Locations

Save as many locations as you want in Fotocast, and quickly switch between them.

Hyperlocal Weather + Alerts

Get notified when precipitation is starting at your location down to the minute, and see rain intensity minute-by-minute.*

*Minutely forecast currently only available in USA, Canada, and United Kingdom. More locations coming soon.

Cloud Height

Many weather apps lack cloud height information, but for outdoor photographers we understand how important this can be!

Nightly Summary

Get an automatic notification every night at a time you can set, of the next day’s weather.

Severe Weather Alerts

Get notified when severe weather warnings are in effect for your region.*

*Note: Not supported in all areas. Currently only supported in countries who have an online national alert system.

Weather Maps + Radar

No weather app would be complete without weather maps and animated radar! Fotocast has a lot of maps… even a light pollution map for night time photographers.

Shot Clock + Compass

A handy, large, contrasty digital clock. Take a photo of the time when shooting with multiple cameras to sync capture time in post processing software. Fotocast also has a built-in compass!

Almanac (Historic Weather)

See weather from any day in the past – and automatically average out past weather conditions to predict the future!


Fully customize the color, look, and feel of Fotocast.

… And a lot more!

We are always adding new features and tools based on user feedback.

Find out more on the official Fotocast website today!


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note: all screenshots and video show android version. ios version may look slightly different.