a unique sunrise & sunset quality forecast app

SkyCandy is a revolutionary new Sunrise and Sunset forecast app that uses live weather data at your location (and other locations!) to predict the quality of your local Sunrise and Sunsets to help you find beautiful, vivid, colorful skies at that magical time. Great for photographers, or anyone at all that wants to skip boring Sunsets and see only the beautiful ones. Also included is many more powerful Sunrise and Sunset tools.

skip the boring skies, only see the vibrant & colorful ones

Using our proprietary formula, SkyCandy analyzes weather data at your location (or other locations) to predict the quality of your next Sunrise or Sunset. A higher quality score indicates a higher probability of the sky being vibrant, colorful, interesting, and just all-around beautiful at that magical time. Extremely useful for photographers planning photo sessions, travelers that might want to make a trip to the beach, or anyone at all that enjoys a beautiful sky!

app screenshots:

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note: all screenshots and video show android version. ios version may look slightly different.

full list of features:

Accurate Predictions
Using a mathematical sky formula, SkyCandy uses historic, current, and future weather data to determine if your next Sunrise or Sunset will be colorful and vivid.

Get Alerted (Android Only)
Set fully customized alerts to get notified when an upcoming Sunrise or Sunset is going to be beautiful, colorful, and vivid.

Sun Position Tool
Using our Sun Position Tool, drop a pin anywhere on the map to know exactly which direction the Sun will be at any time, any date, and any location. Great for photographers that are scouting a photo shoot location and want to know what direction the Sun will be in when they are taking photos.

Multiple Locations
Run automatic prediction checks and be alerted for multiple locations, not just your current location. Long drive to the beach? Know in advance if it will be worth making that long drive!

Widgets (Android Only)
Place widgets on your home screen to see your Sunrise and Sunset forecast information, or a count down until your next Sunrise and Sunset time.

Sticky Notifications (Android Only)
Don't have the space for widgets? You can also put a sticky notification in your Android status bar with your next Sunrise and Sunset quality score, or a countdown timer until your next Sunrise and Sunset.

Google Calendar Integration (Android Only)
You can sync SkyCandy with your Google Calendar account to add Sunrise and Sunset predictions to your calendar and view from any device, including PC.

Sun Times
Get times for Sunrise, Sunset, Golden Hour, Blue Hour, and more!

User Feedback System
With extensive testing, we've found our prediction algorithm to be very accurate, but what happens if our prediction is wrong? You can rate and send your prediction to us quickly and easily to help us gather data to improve our predictions in the future!

More than 50 tips, tricks, and facts
SkyCandy comes with more than 50 tips, tricks, and facts that will help you take your Sunset photography to the next level. Tips are displayed automatically in-app but can be disabled in app settings.

Sunrise and Sunset Countdown Timers
Know exactly how much time is left until your next Sunrise or Sunset occurs.

Full Customization
Lots and lots of settings to customize the app to your liking.

And Many More Tools!
Many more useful weather, Sunrise, and Sunset tools are also included. Some of the tools and features listed above require a premium subscription. Premium subscription is $1.99 monthly and can be purchased in-app. That's less than the price of one large coffee, every month! Each subscription help us to continue app development and make the app even better.

Why do we charge a premium subscription for enhanced features?
Every time a Sunrise or Sunset prediction is made on your end, we have to pay a weather company a lot of money to access their data! Yeah we could launch our own weather satellite into orbit, but at an average cost of $500 million USD, that's kind of really expensive! To keep SkyCandy running for all, we offer a premium subscription plan of only $1.99 monthly which gives you access to a lot of enhanced features. That's less than the price of one large cup of coffee per month and each subscription is greatly appreciated from the SkyCandy team to help keep the app running for all.

Got an idea to make the app even better, or is the app missing a tool that you would like to see implemented? No problem, just shoot us an e-mail (admin@ and we can add it!

Real Sunrise & Sunset photos taken with assistance of SkyCandy: