Fotocast v2.3 for Android is here!

Hello fellow photographers and weather junkies! Fotocast for Android has been updated to v2.3.00 today. This update should be available in the Google Play store within a few hours. This is an MAJOR update. Here’s what is new:


  • Now tab now has moon rise and set times.
  • Weekly days now have sunrise and sunset times.
  • Made it easier for you to connect with us on social media for the latest news, updates, tips, and deals!
  • Alerts should no longer vibrate your phone automatically.
  • Text on calculators is now smaller to avoid cut-off issues.
  • Upgrade on menu is now hidden if you already upgraded.
  • Menu items have been rearranged based on user statistics about what is used the most frequently.
  • Contacting us is now easier than ever before.
  • Fotocast will now alert you if you are using an old version and need to upgrade.
  • Changed some text here and there.
  • Sun and Moon direction tool got a new UI.
  • Added priority support option back in.
  • Location menu now looks a little nicer.
  • App display settings re-arranged to be in correct order.
  • Added more app display settings to show and hide.
  • App size is now smaller on your device.
  • Maps are now premium only.
  • Fixed a few other small bugs.
  • New premium upgrade screen.
  • Fixed a few crashes.

If you are an outdoor photographer, then weather is important to you. So check out Fotocast, the only weather app for photographers, today!

Model Releaser on Android has been updated to v2.5.07!

Hello fellow photographers! Model Releaser for Android has been updated to v2.5.07 today. This update should be available in the Google Play store within a few hours. This is an important update with a major bug fix and a few other small fixes. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Fixed a major bug that was causing some paid upgrade features to not be working. Very sorry about that!
  • Better button colors on template editor, more user friendly navigation on template editor.
  • We made it a bit easier to connect with us on social media for the latest news, updates, discounts, and tips.
  • If you have the studio version, the upgrade menu item is now hidden because it is useless.

If you use model releases for your photo sessions and you haven’t installed Model Releaser yet, check out the most comprehensive digital model release app ever created today!

Hey aurora hunters! Tell us what you would like to see added to AuroraCast.

Hello aurora hunters! AuroraCast is already one of the best aurora borealis forecast apps available, but we want to make it better. We want everyone in the world to be able to experience the beauty of the aurora borealis at least once in their life. Comment and let us know what features you would like to see.

What can we do to improve AuroraCast?

Coming soon: Chat with other photographers in Fotocast!

One of the cool new features we will be adding soon to Fotocast is the ability to talk and chat with other photographers from around the world. The possibilities of what you can do with this are endless: Get photo critiques in real time, get help and advice on taking photos, or even have other users give you tips on how to use Fotocast! We hope to have this available by the end of September in the Android version of Fotocast and by October for the iOS version of Fotocast.

If you haven’t installed Fotocast yet, check it out today to experience the most powerful weather app.. designed just for photographers.